Structural Designer

houses and villas, we can chit chat...
skyscrapers and tunnels, let's draw that

tanks; cylindrical, concrete or steel,
bridges, walls,
a façade even a mall..

renovations will gladly do,
pipes and erosion, we can add or two..

just give us a text, an email or a call..
over mocha frap, we can count the cost!

Contact Us:
Phone: +02 738 7455

Gerilen Tactaquin Polon
Structural Engineer
Mobile - sun: +63923 252 73 53Main E-Add: gerilent@ dot uk
Alternate E-Add: gerilent@ gmail dot com

Jerson Embong Polon
Structural Engineer

Mobile:+63923 252 74 50
Main e-Add: polonjerson20@ yahoo dot com

Alternate E-Add: polonjerson20@ gmail dot com

Gerino Vasquez Tactaquin
Structural-Civil & Sanitary Engineer
Mobile: +639238408750
Mobile: +639175398238
Mobile: +639494291319 Main E-add: tactaquin_gerry@ yahoo dot com
Alternate E-add: gvtdesignstruct2009@ gmail dot com

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